White-Labeled Apps for your clients

At LifeHetu, we understand the significance of continuous care delivery and effective client engagement in the mental health industry. That's why we offer white-labeled Apps tailored specifically for mental health professionals, providing you with a powerful tool to keep your clients informed, educated, and supported throughout their journey.

Enhance Client Education with Client-Centric Activities.

Assign Activities to your clients and capture their responses. Monitor client progress effectively by incorporating activity and goal tracking functionalities. Stay updated on your clients' achievements and identify areas for continuous improvement.



Systematically designed and personalized care plan, thoughtfully crafted to meet your unique needs.

Empower your clients with the ability to effortlessly book and manage their Care Plan. Guide them through your Care Plan systematically for a seamless journey to well-being.

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Build a dynamic, beautiful, modern, search-optimised, mobile-responsive, and scalable website with all you need as a Mental Health Professional.