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Ms Amalorpava Mary

BA PsychologyM.SC Psychology

Relationship counselling
and mental distress Counselling
Lifestyle work and life balance counselling
Life Coaching
Supervision of Counsellors

Ms Mary is a well-qualified and experienced psychologist. She holds a Master’s in psychology from Montfort college. Ms Mary is a Certified NLP practitioner and a certified wellness coach. Some of her areas of expertise are coping with lifestyle changes, anxiety, depression, work-life balance, life coaching, decision making and relationship counselling. Ms Mary uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques and customized therapies and strongly advocates positive psychology. Ms Mary listens to their experiences and perspectives and understands what drives their behaviour. She strongly believes that everyone has the potential for self-actualization and possesses the necessary tools to lead a satisfying life. Ms Mary has worked with a wide range of client concerns including mild-moderate psychiatric disorders, adjustment issues, work-related problems, and low self-esteem. She uses an integrative approach and borrows techniques from various schools of psychotherapy with interventions best suited to her client's mental health needs. Ms Mary creates an open, non-judgmental, empathetic, and supportive space for her clients to express themselves freely.

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